Data Management Analyst

Why Work For Us?

Columbia Wellness is proud to be a company of real people committed to quality. We are focused on building a better future in mental health and behavioral healthcare. We have established a strong referral base in the community and we are invested in our clinical growth. We offer generous training opportunities, free supervision, and a large spectrum of programs in which you can work. Columbia Wellness is located in-between two major cities, Seattle and Portland. By working with us you get the best of both small town and big city life. You're close to the beach, the mountains, the quiet and the city life. If you're looking for a place to call home and build a career, join our team at Columbia Wellness.

If you want to make a difference that matters, then we want to hear from you. Together we can do more.

Some of What You'll Do:

Data management analysts collect data and provide ongoing analysis of data by monitoring and maintaining online databases and/or security systems for the storage, maintenance, and recovery of data in a computer database. The position requires a high level of technical, mathematical and troubleshooting ability.  Works closely with management on training and implementation of new functionality on a regular basis. Dedicated to the success of the organization by envisioning business changes and implementing system improvements to enhance optimal functionality. They are expected to troubleshoot problems and ensure that all data stored in a system is secure, and they may also design or implement online databases, space utilization parameters, and data dictionary activities. Data management analysts review system specifications for compliance with database administration standards, and multitasking and analytical skills are important in this position. Communication skills are highly beneficial for presenting their findings and communicating complex ideas. Mathematical skills are important to work with a variety of numerical data daily. Analysts typically work with information technology (IT) teams to determine organizational goals, and they work in a wide range of industries with both private and public companies. 

What We Require:

  • Critical Thinking - Problem-solving is a big part of every data management analyst's job, so critical thinking skills are essential
  • Computer Programming - must be familiar with programming languages such as Python, SQL, and ETL to effectively analyze system data
  • Communication - must have excellent verbal and technical writing skills in order to create in-depth reports based on their data findings in a way that others will understand the interpretation.
  • Organization - must be able to absorb a lot of information and organize it into useable information, which takes a well-organized professional who can easily store and sort lots of facts
  • Multi-Tasking - They may also work on several projects at once, which requires multi-tasking abilities
  • Skills in all Microsoft Office products. 
  • Ability to work independently, as well as within a team
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Must possess the ability to speak to large groups of people as well as leadership

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Data management analysts has or is pursuing a bachelor's degree or better in computer science or a related field.
  • Certification preferred in information technology, or actively seeking IT Certification. 
  • Experience in Crystal Reports, sequel reports and SQL. 

Salary: $62,000-$75,000/year

We are proud to be able to not only offer competitive compensations but also a benefit package that our employees love.

We offer all permanent full-time employees:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision paid in full for the employee and their family
  •  Long term disability and life insurance paid for by the employer
  •  5% of gross pay put into a retirement plan by the employer. Immediately vested, no match  requirement.
  •  9 paid holidays and 1 paid floater per year.
  •  8 hours of sick leave per month
  •  3 weeks of paid vacation in the 1st year of employment, 4 weeks after the first year and 5 weeks after 4 years.
  •  3 pay increases within the first year of employment

*NO Phone Calls Please!

Columbia Wellness is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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