About Columbia Wellness

Columbia Wellness has been around since 1953. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit community mental health agency. We specialize in helping others to learn the skills to live more successful lives. We have a number of different programs offered through Columbia Wellness in order to achieve this goal.

Some of the many services we offer include:

  • Adults, Children, & Families Outpatient Therapy
  • Substance Use Treatment
  • WISe - High Intensity Youth Services
  • Crisis Response & Mobile Crisis Team
  • Residential Services
  • 24/7 Supportive House
  • …and many others

Columbia Wellness aims to improve the quality of life for every individual we serve. We do this through our mission, CARE. CARE stand for Commitment to improving quality of life, Advocacy for mental health and overall well-being, Response to community needs, and Effective Treatment with measurable outcomes. We strive to put our mission into our work every single day. Our counselors and staff are dedicated to making sure our clients receive quality care. To learn more about some of our dedicates staff, visit our Staff page.

Get to Know us

Read the biographies of Columbia Wellness's Staff

David McClay
Chief Executive Officer

Tina Slunaker
Chief Operations Officer

Debra Perko
Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Cesar Rafano
Chief Medical Officer

Lisa Harbison
Director of Human Resources

Cameron Carson
Director of Recruiting & Retention

Kristin McWain
Compliance Officer and Internal Auditor