David McClay
Chief Executive Officer

Overview and Mission

David is a highly capable, knowledgeable, compassionate, forward thinking, and impactful executive. His deep wisdom and expertise forged from over 8 years of increasingly responsible executive management experience with Columbia Wellness, prior experience in accounting for large business and non-profits and education in healthcare management and information technology enables him to effectively lead Columbia Wellness to accomplish our mission.

Dedicated to providing exemplary care, Columbia Wellness is a progressive behavior health agency serving over 9000 adult and child mental health and substance use patients per year with 8 facilities in Cowlitz and Grays Harbor Counties. Our mission and David's priorities: 

·  Continuous commitment to improving quality of life.

·  Adherence to Evidence-Based Practices.

·  Advocacy for fundamental well-being.

·  Response to community needs.

·  Effective treatment with measurable outcomes.

·  Enable Therapists and Doctors to address primary care, mental health, and SUD as a whole.

·  As an employee-centric organization, listen to our staff and support each as a respected and appreciated individual with unique needs and goals.

·  Build new staff competencies though continuous training.

History Prior to Becoming CEO

After growing up in Longview, Washington and playing high school football, basketball, and baseball, David decided to attend WSU to study a combination of Business and Information Technology. After college, David joined a CPA firm specializing in accounting for non-profits where for 4 years he did tax accounting and performed audits for non profits including United Way and Columbia Wellness. Seeking exposure to the business sector, he joined a privately owned large lumber company that owned and operated 16 saw mills in California and Washington. For over 2 years as the Sole Accountant in their Centralia, WA mill, he practiced managerial accounting, prepared financial statements, and performed cost accounting. 

In Nov 2009, David joined Columbia Wellness as CFO and 2 years later also became our COO to lead all Operations. At the time, Columbia Wellness was a substantially smaller organization than today. He quickly became a major force in allowing for subsequent growth by vastly improving finances and operations by implementing corrective actions to financial systems and practices resulting in our first clean audit and ensuring success of all subsequent audits to date;  Performing  a vital reconciliation with RSN allowing Columbia Wellness to recover $850K of previously unpaid Medicaid fees for services provided; Restructuring departments by hiring specialty employees to break up work and increase controls; Bringing in a Hospital Billing Specialist resulting in Columbia Wellness receiving $150K payment from Medicare for previously unpaid service; Moving our Child & Family Department to a larger facility accommodating over 30 employees; performing all IT functions including expanding and upgrading our suite of software, upgrading our computer network to increase its speed and allow flexibility for expansion, and overhauling our phone system to enhance organizational connectivity and customer service. In Sept 2014, David became our CEO.

Key Initiatives

·  Integrated Service

·  Community Involvement

·  Work-life balance

·  Employee Retention

·  Employee Appreciation

·  Embracing Change

Tina Slunaker
Chief Operations Officer

Tina Slunaker is the COO at Columbia Wellness. Tina is responsible for the overall operation at all Columbia Wellness locations. Tina came to us from a hospital background having 30 years of experience in billing, contracts, and accounts receivable. Tina has been with Columbia Wellness since 2013 and has been promoted from billing Manager to billing Director, to her newest role of COO. Her degree is in G.S.D. "gets stuff done". Sometimes the right person doesn't need a fancy title.

Debra Perko
Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Cesar Rafano
Chief Medical Officer

Lisa Harbison
Director of Human Resources

Lisa is the Director of Human Resources for Columbia Wellness. She oversees the entire HR department and its operations. Lisa began working for CW in October of 2001 as the Administration Manager. She was promoted to the Director of HR in 2009 and has continued here since. Lisa has attended Villanova University where she received her Certificate of Achievement in Human Resource Management.

Cameron Carson
Director of Recruiting & Retention

Cameron Carson is the Director of Recruiting and Retention at Columbia Wellness. He works under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that Columbia wellness is a first class working environment that offers employees industry leading benefits and career development programs. As an employee-centric organization, we listen to our staff and support each as a respected and appreciated member of our team. Cameron earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management & Operations from Washington State University as well as a Master's in Business Administration. He believes that the foundation of any organization is its employees, and he is motivated to make Columbia Wellness a destination employment organization. 

Jolivia Porter
Director of Quality Improvement

Jolivia Porter is the Director of Quality Improvement at Columbia Wellness. She works under the direction of the Chief Clinical Officer to ensure the efficacy of clinical practices through development of policies and procedures, staff training, and reviews. Jolivia was hired as a therapist in 2008, working with both children and adults. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a master's degree from George Fox University. She has enjoyed serving Columbia Wellness and feels blessed to be part of the team with passion for the agency's mission of providing quality care for the community.

Kristin McWain
Compliance Officer and Internal Auditor

Kristin McWain is the Compliance Officer and Internal Compliance Auditor at Columbia Wellness. Kristin is responsible for making sure Columbia Wellness follows regulations governing our business and services we provide. Kristin earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Western Washington University and is continuing her education in health care compliance. Kristin has worked at Columbia Wellness since 2000 and continues to enjoy serving the community by making sure Columbia Wellness practices and services meet necessary requirements.